Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant


Verizon has solved the problem that many individuals have when they lose/damage their phone. Typically when you lose your phone if you are lucky maybe you have written down all of your phone numbers or have them backed up on an Excel file. Most people have not taken the steps to backup their contacts. Regardless sometime is usually spent calling and emailing your friends and family for phone numbers. The worst is that one number/contact that you lose and have no way of retaining. In addition a lot of time is also spent re-entering your numbers once you get a phone. Verizon has solved this problem and other carriers need to catch up.


Verizon's wireless backup assistant technology allows you to automatically back up your names, phone numbers and email addresses that are stored in your phone on a daily basis. After the backup assistant tool is downloaded on your phone you choose whether you want the tool to backup your contacts in the morning, afternoon, evening or late evening. Now you will never have to worry about losing your contacts because you can now access your contacts via My Verizon. Your contacts can be printed out, downloaded to an excel spreadsheet or restored to a new device in a matter of seconds.

Note: Verizon's Backup Assistant is only available to Verizon carriers who that have Get it Now enabled on their phones.


Verizon charges a $1.99 monthly charge for Backup Assistant but if you are registered to My Verizon as an account owner then is FREE.

How to download Backup Assistant:

Step 1) Select "Get it Now" from the Menu and then select Get Going
Step 2) Select "Get New App"
Step 3) Select "Featured Applications" or "Business/Tools" entry in the Catalog Menu
Step 4) Select Backup Assistant" entry and press "OK"
Step 5) Accept the $1.99 charge (Fee is waived if you are registered as a My Verizon Account Owner).
Step 6) Run the application and follow the simple steps on your phone to backup your contacts

Where did it come from?

M7 Networks and FusionOne partnered together to unveil Backup Assistant on the Verizon Network. M7 Networks is a partner and enabler of advanced wireless services, linking wireless carriers, technology providers and the content community. FusionOne offers a suite of premium services for mobile phone users, distributed through partnerships with wireless operators and select retailers.

Backup Assistant provides a competitive advantage for Verizon:

Individuals are plagued by the nuances of loosing their phone and contacts. For some people the information in their phone is more important than the phone itself. Verizon has solved that issue with Backup assistant and it gives them a competitive advantage when one is choosing a carrier versus other carriers who do not have a similar functionality. For example: Many companies have sales people, technicians and service people working in the field that depend on their cellphones/blackberries to connect with their customers on a regular basis. If I were a CEO it would be important that my employees had access to their customers and contacts despite losing or damaging their phone. As CEO I would chose a carrier and mandate that allowed my employees to backup their contacts because its critical as a business to be able to get in touch with your customers. How long will Verizon's competitive advantage last? Verizon does have an advantage over those carriers that do not no have a similar tool as backup assistant but people also have other requirements and "need to haves" when choosing a phone. People will choose a cell phone based on what carrier has the most benefits for their business and for them personally. Verizon happens to be one of the better cell phone providers around.

Backup Assistant Video (Disclaimer: Not my video has comic humor)